I am a painter of pictures - that is my predominant way of making art. Some ideas manifest themselves as sculpture and as installations but painting remains my natural extension. Creating a painting and calling it new art requires enormous consideration. Painting for me is a tough battle to preserve an idea. To keep a concept dominant; to have purpose exposed over and above 'a learned appreciation for aesthetic merit' is not easy. Beauty is a killer. I am suspicious of over-intellectualism is art. My paintings, usually in series, are remnants of mind journeys, complete with excesses and human fallibility. Exploring the human condition is at the very centre of my work. Execution is driven from a fight or flight mentality and each painting is danced out till done. History teaches that though restricting people can bring fear and violence, often, new themes, associations and truths arise which then propel everything forward. In my practice, I use restriction as a catalyst to tease the painting process and drive the work closer to an edge. Imagery can appear, evolve, vaporise, and I struggle to leave evidence of its passing significance.