Good day to start a blog (5th March 2018)

Monday 5th March 2018.

Starting with some fun news: My wife and I are attending the Lynn Painter-Stainer's private view this evening at The Mall Galleries, London. My diptych, 'Homer & Marge' is one of something like 92 works in the exhibition. I'm looking forward to being reunited with them both - haven't seen them for about a month! Winner gets £15,000 and 2nd place, £4,000 - both satisfying figures. Either prize would be most welcome. It would certainly help boost my profile. And, also, should provide some good blogging material. 7pm tonight- exciting and anticipatory ride. Also going to seeing Dan Fooks's show, 'Drawing the Last Breath' at the Conway Hall beforehand. He's produced sensitive renditions of his dead father - very skillful drawings. Looking forward to seeing them in the flesh.