Lynn Painter-Stainers (7th March 2018)

Lynn Painter Stainers private view (7th March)

So we went to the private view on Monday evening, excited about the announcements to come. Upon arrival, there was a queue to the Mall Galleries. The formalities started around 7pm with the usual run of speakers. The announcements were somewhat cocked up by one of the speakers accidentally letting slip that the winning paintings were actually 'hanging behind me'. Well, that was that for about 99% of us whose work was not hanging in her vicinity.

The winner's work was interesting and a worthy choice. Not sure if it was his intention but it looked like an Ingres portrait with flowers instead of heads painted on a garbage bag. All the winners looked like they had spent quite a bit of time working on their paintings.

The Lynn Painter-Stainers competition is well funded and they do create a lot of positive hype around it. Not sure if I'll enter again however - let's see. Have the Royal Academy Summer Show First Round results next Thursday which is something to look forward to as is the next body of work I hope to produce.