Pushing Paint (11th March 2018)

11th March 2018

People will always push paint around to see what happens. Why does this give us, as adults, the feeling of life being somehow satisfied by way of PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE EXPRESSED? As kids, pushing paint was just as fun as it should be now - that never really went away and it is still relevant, tapping into something primal, something ancient, omnipresent and eternal (Within/Without you: "Georgie boy... You're a big strong chelloveck like us all"). The artist in a shed creates the universe.

Since arouned 2000, painting keeps bobbing its head above the perceived ephemerality of contemporary art. Like it's some kind of novelty, a 'remember me?' wave, some kind of reassuring signal from the art establishment that painting is still just as valid as other art forms - See. What an age we coast through...

The artist in the shed should know his/her place. If you are painting your heart out somewhere, if you make vulnerability your aim in order to find new territory, know that your are not alone. Your efforts are worthy of you continuing. Pushing paint has happened in the past, you do it now and, as long as people exist, it will continue to be a natural and important ingredient of the human condition and of our personal evolution.